Book Review – “Medium Raw” by Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain’s ten-year follow-up to Kitchen Confidential shows how parenthood, exposure to other cultures, and life in general have contributed to his greater maturity and growth, making Medium Raw perhaps even more enjoyable and interesting than his earlier work. Fans of his will appreciate his greater depth of understanding and appreciation of others and of himself. This underlying theme is just as intriguing as the story itself for those of us who enjoy psychology.

His chapters vary widely in topic – it seems he touches on all relevant issues and ideas, and he addresses much of what he wrote about in his earlier book. However, for those who missed the first book, this one can and does stand alone, and you don’t feel lost if you read it before Kitchen Confidential (as I did). It also incorporates information relevant to his travel book, A Cook’s Tour (which corresponds to his show, No Reservations), but without being redundant or unrelated to his premise and theme.

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